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This wiki is an introductory Marketing textbook for undergraduate level students. It is being collaboratively written (by students and their professor) as a class project in Marketing classes at Saint Mary's College of California.

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The central role of marketing in any firm arises from its creation of value or benefits – net of costs – for its chosen customers. When this value is effectively communicated and distributed to customers, the firm is able to capture a portion of this value through pricing. In order for the firm to remain a viable ongoing entity, this value must be created and maintained over time, even as competitors seek to duplicate the firm’s offering and as human knowledge and capabilities advance. The plan by which this value is created and maintained on a sustained basis is Marketing Management. In fact, Marketing Management can be thought of as a means of achieving the corporate strategy through customer contact. Marketing Strategy involves two major activities:

1) Selecting the appropriate target market and positioning the product in the customers’ minds, and

2) Specifying the marketing activities to achieve the desired positioning, keeping in mind how those activities interact to achieve the desired value for customers and the firm.

The objective of this wiki-text is to give the reader an overview of the discipline by presenting the fundamental concepts in a logical progression, from analyzing customer needs to targeting, positioning, and communicating the value of the product through an appropriate mix of marketing variables. The reader will gain insight into these aspects through numerous examples of real-life marketing challenges confronted by firms in diverse industries and market environments.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Marketing Planning & Environmental Scanning

Chapter 3: Marketing Ethics & Global Issues

Chapter 4: Consumer Behavior

Chapter 5: Business to business Marketing

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